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Objective of our Program
There has been an unfortunate lack of education talents in courses related to Taiwan Studies due to an oversight in past policies. Having noted this problem when implementing a full-scale measure in opening Taiwan Studies courses in middle and elementary schools a few years ago, the Ministry of Education has approved the establishment of several departments related to the literature and culture studies of Taiwan. However, as the number of departments added is still small and training educational talents is quite time-consuming, the middle and elementary schools are currently still lacking in Taiwan Studies teachers. This is a problem that may be temporarily solved by short-term training courses, which is why our program has been established. Our aim is to strengthen the professional knowledge on the subject of Taiwan Studies in these teachers, and train those who already have a good understanding of the fundamentals to conduct further studies.

An Experimental Project that may Become the Benchmark of Master Programs in Taiwan
Departments related to the subject in the past are often based on a singular professional field, for example literature, language or anthropology, with only a rare few that encompass different disciplines. Our Master program for Taiwan Studies educators, combining the efforts of professional talents from a variety of humanities-related departments in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, NTHU, has been designed with the integration of multiple disciplines in mind. We are, as far as we know, the first in Taiwan academia to do so. Location-wise, most of the related departments approved by the Ministry of Education in recent years have been established in northern or southern Taiwan, with the only possible programs for further studies in the Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli regions being the newly established College of Hakka Studies in NCU and NCTU, and the Institute of Taiwan Languages and Language Teaching of National Hsinchu University of Education. Our program offers an excellent choice for the talented educators in the area.

Features and a Wealth of Learning Resources
Our program not only features the outstanding faculty of NTHU’s renowned College of Humanities and Social Sciences, but will also combine the essence of linguistics, sociology, and historiography with the professional core training in Taiwan literature and anthropology. Through rigorous course demands and a well-organized system, the program aims to cultivate first-rate educators in Taiwan Studies, and thus laying a solid base for Taiwan’s individuality.

Library Facilities
With the excellent research tradition of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, our program provides top-class library facilities, possibly some of the best out of all domestic universities. Through the establishment of the program, we aim to make our College the true research and education center for Taiwan Studies.